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Peter Charalambides

Born in London, UK

Lives & works in London


Peter Charalambides is a visual artist living and working in London, England.

Peter works in a variety of mediums including spray and acrylic paint, oil sticks, collage and pen. Pieces are characterised by colour and texture- qualities that magnify an expressionist style throughout his works. There is a defining dichotomy in Peter's work, in so much that he seesaws wildly between the monochrome and precision, to the free and colourful.

Peter is currently working on a series exploring the ideas of choice and freedom. Are choices freely made or are they influenced by previous decisions (such as what children’s television programmes we watched as children)? Or perhaps, we have no choice (or freedom whatsoever) and our paths are mapped from the very outset.

Therefore, the pieces attempt to explore the ideas of existentialism, determinism and fatalism through the medium of imagery, words and mathematics.

Peter Charalambides is a working artist and has sold artworks to patrons around the world. His work has appeared in numerous exhibitions in the U.K and appeared in several publications.

Peter has also donated several of his drawings to local causes, which have subsequently been used in merchandising and other charitable fund raising activities.

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May 2021: Part of an online group exhibition

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May 2021: Featured on Instagram

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April 2021: Part of an online group exhibition with the Riverside Artists Group

Willesden Gallery, London

February 2021: Featured Artist on Instagram

Excess: Exhibition 104

Amina Malik Gallery, London

August 2020 - September 2020: Part of a group exhibition exploring the ideas of excess

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May 2020: Part of an online group exhibition

Thread Palette London Magazine

April 2020: Featured online in promotion recording Lock Down experiences through art

Willesden Gallery, London

April 2020: Takeover of Instagram Account for one week

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

March 2020: Part of an online group exhibition